For many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is on its way out and spring weather is pretty much here – hooray! The mercury in the thermostat is slowly climbing, snow is melting and winter layers are starting to come off.

During the spring season, many start ramping up their workouts knowing that summer is right around the corner. Whether you are heading to yoga, Pilates, barre, crossfit, the swimming pool, spin class, the gym or however you get your sweat on, many of us have our gym bags packed with essentials. Here are a few of my favourite gym essentials to add to your gym bag, that will help keep you Spring weather ready for all your sweaty gym sessions this season.

8 of my go-to, gym bag essentials for Spring 

  1. Chemical free wipes: I am quite particular when it comes to wiping down gym equipment and/or workout mats. Instead of using sprays and wipes chock full of chemicals, I pack my own eco-friendly wipes or pack my own DIY mat spray. Both use powerful essential oils like thyme and tea tree oil as the base, which effectively disinfect and clean gym equipment/mat surfaces without harsh toxic chemicals. When I’m not making my own, my go-to is the Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes
  2. Reusable water bottle: Water is LIFE when it comes to any sweat session but burning through plastic bottles not only costs a ton but also contributes to plastic waste – no bueno. Instead, bring your own filtered or spring water with you in one of the many reusable water bottle options. I always recommend using a stainless steel or glass bottle but BPA free shaker cups will do as well, just try and minimize temperature changes when using plastic (like leaving your bottle in the car in sun).I personally LOVE using S’Well bottles, as they are a non-leaching and non-toxic stainless steel bottles that keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours – AMAHZZZZING!!! They come in different sizes and colours and are a perfect pair for any sweat session.For glass options, my hands down favourite is Lifefactory glass water bottles. These glass bottles started out as a baby bottle line and grew into a full line with various sizes. Glass can be tricky to use when working out but these bottles have a protective, BPA/BPS free silicone sleeve which helps prevent breakage and makes it easier to carry.
  3. Refreshing face spray: For the most part, I always wait until I get home to have my post gym shower but I do like to splash some water on my face post workout to clear the salty sweat away. To avoid my face from getting dry and tight, I mist floral water, toner or a moisturizing mist from any of my favourite organic eco beauty lines, which also serves as a nice pick me up! Some of my favourites include Éminence Stone Crop Hydrating MistMay Lindstrom Jasmine Garden and Dr. Hauschka’s Clarifying Toner.
  4. Post workout fuel: This is a no brainer but sometimes we need a reminder to fuel our bodies with goodness, to help start the recovery and repair cycles post workout. The standard that I keep in my bag and use after almost every workout is  IsaPro®  which is straight up, clean Whey Protein sourced from grass-fed cows in New Zealand. Other post workout snack/fuel I usually have in the gym bag are dried organic mangoes, an organic apple and infused water.
  5. Lip moisturizer: After I teach a spin class or have been huffing and puffing in an intense sweat sesh, my lips tend to become parched so I always have some lip love in my bag for moisture relief, regardless of the season. My top picks include Dr. Hauschka’s Lip Balm and any of the Living Libations Lover Lips balms.
  6. BeeKeeper’s Naturals Bee Propolis: This high-grade, alcohol free propolis from Beekeeper’s Naturals is a great addition to your gym bag, especially if you are a fitness instructor. When I am teaching a spin class, sometimes I end up straining my voice, which results in inflamed vocal cords or tonsils. A few sprays of this propolis before teaching plus one or two afterward, has helped me significantly with this issue. Further, whether you are teaching or not the benefits of propolis are key when we think about post workout recovery and keeping our immune system as strong as our muscles 🙂
  7. Deodorant: Do you ever sweat so hard that all traces of deodorant trickle down your arm??? LOL  A little extra deodorant could make all the different my friends, so keeping a backup in your gym back is always a good idea, My all-time favourite is Routine de-ordor-cream! It is literally the BEST, non-toxic, sweet smelling, natural deodorant I have ever used!!!!! Get some… right now!
  8. Hand Cream: After heavy lifting, planks, push ups, pull ups and all of the other fitness activities you will want to keep those hard working hands clean, moisturized and soft to avoid cracks and roughness. I am a fan of 100% Pure  and Weleda hand creams for hand loving.

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