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If you remember back to My First DIY Body Scrub post, I was super excited about making my first, super moisturizing, DIY body scrub at Kolya Naturals blending bar. Since then I have been experimenting with different blends and variations and barely have any room left in my bathroom to store all of my creations!!!! As promised in my last post, today I am sharing one of my fave DIY body scrub blends for you to try at home 🙂
For many of us, we are still experiencing the arctic blast that Jack Frost brings during these winter months, which can often leave your skin looking like Ashy Larry…


Cracked, dry skin is never any fun for anyone but reaching for products laced with mineral oil and other synthetic oils is not the solution either. Yes, rubbing your body down with baby oil will make your skin super slick and shiny but that’s about it. It does not offer real moisture to our skin cells because they have no idea what the heck it is!

Using pure oils like apricot kernel, sweet almond, jojoba, coconut, avocado, sea buckthorn etc. nourishes our skin in essential vitamins/nutrients found naturally in these oils and provides deep moisture, protection against the elements and makes your skin feel divine 🙂 Now, let’s not forget that what we put into our body is just as important as what we put on our skin, so keeping a balanced diet with loads of whole foods, essential fats and tons of water, will help keep your skin healthy and looking fab!

You can use this scrub any time of day but I especially love to use it in the morning as the invigorating scents of grapefruit and Palmarosa jump start my day. Both oils host a plethora of benefits that include antimicrobial, antiviral and antioxidant properties and when used in aromatherapy, which you will be doing when you are slathering this on your body, they can help with anxiety, depression, mental fatigue and have an overall uplifting effect on the mind. I chose the combination of coconut and sweet almond oils for this blend due to their thicker viscosity that I like to use when it’s colder outside. Added bonus is that our friend Palmarosa helps moisturize and retain moisture in the skin – yay! The addition of the Helichrysum flowers in this blend is completely optional for this scrub; I just love how it adds a great pop of yellow to the scrub and provides all the benefits of this super flower.

So here is the recipe for this super easy DIY scrub. If you like your scrubs to be a little more slick, add more coconut or sweet almond oil, for a dried scrub, use less oil. When it comes to your “ingredients”, you will hear me say this over and over – quality is key! I buy all of my ingredients from organic wholesalers and/or Kolya Naturals because I know I am getting pure quality product sourced from all over the world. If you have never worked with essential oils before, be sure to get some guidance from the retailer you are purchasing them from, do some research and/or test them on a small area of skin before buying to make sure you do not have any adverse reactions. Attending workshops or classes on essential oils (I did) or simply doing some research on essential oils can also be very beneficial if you plan on incorporating them into your lifestyle on a more regular basis. For your first batch, you may want to scale back on the amount of essential oil you use until you get the hang of it. As with everything, always use your judgement and caution even when your are trying something new especially if you are on medication or have an existing medical condition that you believe may cause negative interactions.

Lastly, this is a fantastic gift for friends and loved ones, so double, triple or quadruple you recipe, put the scrub in some cute jars with some ribbon, and violà! a beautiful, sweet smelling gift 😉 With the big V day around the corner, you can get really creative and offer to scrub your partner down with this blend and have he or she return the favour… What happens next, after you are all oiled up is up to you 😉
Enjoy friends 🙂


1 cup Epsom salt
½ cup sweet almond oil
¼ cup organic coconut oil, melted
1 tsp castile soap
5 – 10 drops grapefruit essential oil
5 – 10 drops Palmarosa essential oil
1 Tbsp Helichrysum flowers (optional)


  1. Add all ingredients to a bowl and mix together thoroughly
  2. Place in a jar with tight fitting lid until ready to use

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