As most of you know, I fell in love with health and wellness over 5 years ago, after living with what I feel was a life with blinders on. Over these past few years I have learned so much from so many incredible teachers; these teachers have been in the form of wellness practitioners, friends, staff at local wellness boutiques, yoga and pilates instructors, mentors, therapist… you get the idea.  It has been such an incredible journey, as I have soaked up every single nugget of knowledge and wanting to learn even more with each passing day. I have learned from some of the most incredible, beautiful human beings and in return I have tried to pass on all that I have learned with others.

It is for this reason why I have decided to continue to expand my knowledge, learn, grow and embark on new journey and am happy to share that I am taking the David Wolfe Nutrition Certification and BodyMind Nutrition 101 Certification – YAY ☺ ☺ ☺ I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to jump into both of these programs and learn even more about health and wellness!!

I knew a little bit about David Wolfe when I was living in Toronto but it wasn’t until I saw him at a local event in Edmonton where I really started to research his work in the health and wellness industry. I attended an event where he was speaking and experienced several “a-ha” and jaw dropping moments. I left that event changed and wanting to learn more about health and wellness and how I could help myself and others in their individual health and wellness journeys.

Well, there is not time like the present, so I am jumping in head first into these courses with the hopes of learning more about how I can add a little more wellness to my life, my family’s lives and help others do the same. The beauty of these courses is that I can take them at my pace, while living every aspect of my life, including my 9-5.

This is about me following my passion and what I crave; continuing to learn the wholistic approach to living my best life.  I truly believe that life is a lifelong education and it up to us whether we want to continue to learn and grow or just stay stagnant.

I cannot wait to share all of the great wisdom I take away from these courses, this is going to be quite the adventure 😉 Happy Wellness Wednesday!

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