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A few months back, I was invited to participate in a local fashion show and fundraiser that was supporting mental health projects. I wasn’t too familiar with the clothing company but I really loved the idea that this was an event supporting mental health initiatives, so I happily accepted the invitation to participate.

As I received more information about this event, I was intrigued by the story of how the company started, the owner and the various initiatives this company supported. The more I learned, the more it was becoming very clear to me that this company was so much more than just an activewear company; its foundations were based on making a difference and supporting communities in a very meaningful way; this is Earthgroove.

As mentioned, my first experience with Earthgroove was when I was asked to participate in their Stand By Me Fashion Show & Fundraiser and I am so glad that I said yes – that event literally spoke to my soul <3 Learning even about Earthgroove, hearing the incredibly personal stories from the various {mental health} speakers and celebrating the fun side of an active lifestyle at this event, left me feeling inspired and grateful to be part of such an incredible showcase.

Getting into the Groove – the clothing

Aside from all the great work Jill and her amazing team are doing with Earthgroove, I also looooove the way the clothing feels on my body. Let’s have some real talk for a hot second friends…

As a woman who has been blessed with the curves, I have always found it challenging to find activewear that I can actually sweat up a storm in, without worrying about my booty giving everyone a full moon view LOL 😉 I know this sounds unreal but I am so serious – the struggle is real my friends. I have literally tried MANY different activewear brands and the same problem often arises for me – getting the dang leggings to stay put on my hips/booty. What usually happens is that I will try it on, it will “fit” and look great and all BUT the second I actually wear them to workout, they slide down my booty, leaving a full moon for my fellow sweat squad to see. Even when I try and get creative and go up a size for extra “fabric coverage” in the booty area, the slip ‘n’ slide off my booty is still usually an issue but now with the extra fabric bunched around my knees calves L

The first time I was handed a pair of the Woods Endurance leggings for the Earthgroove fashion show, my immediate thought was “here we go again”. As I mentally prepared for the “booty slippage”, I started to put the leggings on and was wildly surprised to say the least. First off, they slid on like a glooove. When I pulled them up and over my hips and booty, they felt super comfortable BUT, I had to do “the test”. What is the test you ask? Well it’s a combo of shimmy, shimmy and booty poppin’ to see how much give the pants have when I’m actually moving in them – lol! To my surprise again, the pants stayed put. I looked in the mirror speechless. Still skeptical though, I left the change room and got ready to go on stage for my portion of the fashion show, which would include me riding on a spin bike – yep, this is when the real test would happen. As I did a few demo drills on the bike onstage I WAS SHOOOOOCKED! Not only did the leggings stay put, they felt super comfortable on, even while I was riding – WIN!!! Before I even put the leggings on, I was so inspired by the Earthgroove brand. After wearing the leggings though, I was completely hooked.

Since then, I have worn the clothing when teaching spin, going to the grocery store or just lounging and it just keeps getting better. The fabric literally feels like a second skin and I just feel really good in it J There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your clothing when you’re trying to get your sweat on, whether it’s because the clothes are too tight, suffocating the skin, too loose, bad fabric, you name it. This is not the case for me when wearing the Earthgroove line, not even a little bit. Personally, the Earthgroove clothing line is one of the best active wear lines I have ever worn, period. It feels amazing on, does not slide down my butt, the fabric is super breathable and it is so much more than just an activewear line. It feels great knowing that the dollars I spend on Earthgroove pieces, go towards supporting local entrepreneurs, business woman/men, community and projects supporting mental health J

Clearly, there are many reasons why I love Earthgroove, but the purpose driven passion that Jill (and team) pours into this brand, definitely tops my list; it is so inspiring and infectious. At its core, Earthgroove is about community in every sense of the word and has shown me to be a brand of empowerment, inclusiveness and supporting one another.

So, do you want to learn more about this fabulous brand?! Well I had a chat with Jill, owner and founder of Earthgroove, and asked her to share a little bit more about herself, her brand and her inspiration for creating this great line of activewear. Let’s jump in! 

Hi! Who are you and what is the Groovement?

I’m Jill Boychuk from Edmonton a Dental Hygienist and now an athletic wear designer. I enjoy all types of fitness especially running and trail running, yoga, spin and cross training. I love nature, adventure, travel, fun and connecting with others. The Groovement is a fun movement. It is working together to employ local seamstresses, keeping it local and Canadian, and giving back through my mental health initiatives- Stand By Me and most recently Warrior lines.  This is about empowering others and allowing them to shine by making an impact and difference together.  I have 13 ambassadors and we are all spreading the Groovement along with my many customers and friends!

 Why did you start Earthgroove?

I started Earthgroove 6 years ago in honour of my mom who passed away from cancer. My mom was an artist and one of my best friends, so I wanted to stay connected with her and her art and create a legacy. Some of her art pieces are recreated onto the fabric along with moments of time or inspired by input from others.

Are these clothes for everyone – men, women, kids, all shapes and sizes?

Yes they are! Earthgroove is for ANYbody. It’s a premium product that is made with high quality materials that fits all shapes and sizes and is super comfortable and versatile. We take pride in creating a garment that works for everyone and that they fall in love with.

What makes your athletic wear so unique?

I buy as much as I can from Canadian Distributors and then print or create the products. They are handmade garments made individually with love. Most of our garments can be customized which make them unique to the customers to get the fit and comfort they want. They stay put- don’t slip, rub or chafe and the fabric is super comfortable and cozy on your skin.

Where are your clothes made?

They are made right here in Edmonton! I have 5 of my own industrial machines along with 5 others. I have 2 seamstresses right now and hope to employ more.

How do you come up with these super FUN designs?

They are from my head- all created. The fabric is white and then is sublimated. I create it by drawing or vividly describing it to my graphic designer then it is sent by computer to my printer in Edmonton. It’s is printed on a special paper and then is heat pressed onto whatever fabric is needed for the garment. This makes the print unique, dimensional and art like.

 Tell us something that most people may not know about you? 

I could eat breakfast anytime of the day and do some days!

Let’s get social. How can people find you?

You can check out my website at

Facebook- Earthgroove Activewear.

Instagram- @earthgroove or @epic.vibe.share


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