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Well we are here. September 2017 has arrived and most of us are asking, “where did the summer go?”.  Summer 17’ definitely came in with the power of a wrecking ball for me personally but after a quick change of perspective and reminding myself what I want out of this beautiful life, my summer turned out to be one of the best one’s yet 🙂

Late Spring, I went through quite the life event where my default reaction was to go into panic mode. I remember the day so clearly, as I was prepared for this event but it still felt so unexpected when it finally happened. I remember immediately thinking, oh f*ck, what now?!?! but then quickly corrected myself, as I knew in my gut that this was the beginning of something new and exciting.

This patterned fear based thinking is what used to hold me back all the dang time. Fear based thinking that automatically would pop up anytime something went off course. Thankfully, I have learned to recognize that kind of fear based thinking and leverage my power of choice in these situations – the power to choose differently. Understanding that a different perspective and how I choose to react to every situation, can make all the different every single time. This summer gave me multiple opportunities to practice this and I am so grateful it did.

Summer 17’ has definitely been a beautiful mosaic of every single emotion I have and an incredibly wild ride, that I would not trade for anything. Instead of giving into fear and all the feelings associated with it, I let go and let flow. I choose to focus my energy on what/who I love and what I want to create in my life. I took a summer break from corporate for the first time in my adult career and it was magical to say the least. I allowed myself to play more, be curious and explore which led to a whole new level of adventure. There were so many times this summer where I just sat back and smiled at all the beauty, high vibes and love that I was surrounded by.

This summer also presented itself with its fair share of challenges but each of them brought with it, its own unique lesson that I owned and took every bit of wisdom from. I allowed myself to be vulnerable which for me can sometimes be quite the undertaking, but from that, so much more learning about myself was revealed. This summer was a great reminder that truth, love, vulnerability, joy, sadness, trust, adventure, self-love, family, friendships and even more love all co-exist in this beautiful matrix called life, each carrying with them their own unique energy and lessons.

As we move into the fall season and autumnal equinox, I am taking the lessons and the glow from the summer and riding that wave all the way to year end. Every day is a new day to be fabulous, to grow and to share and I will not take that for granted. I am so grateful for this life and everything it brings and am excited for what the rest of 2017 has to offer. Last, I am grateful for you, my community, my readers, my squad. You light my soul on fire and are such an inspiration for me. I love sharing, learning and growing with you – Thank you <3

So, what are you grateful for today? Feel free to leave your answer to that question below, as I would love to hear it!



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