Happy October friends! We are full-on Fall and everything just feels different this time of year. Nature goes into a state of hibernation and we move into the slower sonata of this season.

So, as we start a new month, now felt like the perfect time to have a little chat with you, my friends and readers. If you were a regular follower of this blog, you know that it’s been a hot minute since I have posted anything here; a very long hot minute. Real talk, these past few months have presented its fair share of challenges and I had to take a giant step back and look at A LOT of things in my life, then make many changes. – I am still making changes. I had to re-evaluate, renew, restore and reset on so many different levels.

I am not going to lie, the past few months have presented some hurdles, changes and choices that forced me to press pause  on a lot of things I love, and just take some time to take WAY BETTER care of my physical and mental health. While there have  definitely been challenges, some of which I am still working through, there have also been so many valuable lessons and gems of wisdom along the way as well, that I am truly grateful for J

Allowing myself to be truly vulnerable, leaning on my faith {in God}, my family and a few close friends has reminded me just how powerful unconditional love is. I know it sounds cheesy but love truly is so powerful and has great healing power; there truly is nothing greater than  unconditional love for ourselves and each other <3

During this “down time”  I made the conscious decision to be very private, but made the effort to still how up for the “regular” ebb & flow of life. During this time, I also spent more “quiet time” (I know the idea of ME being quiet is hard to imagine – lol) working on my personal healing journey and removing what no longer serves a purpose in my life.

So this my friends, is a big reason why you haven’t seen too much Fab on this blog. I didn’t feel right posting content that my heart was not 100% committing to, that’s just not me. I chose to focus on really working on myself, so that I could come back to you, my fabulous readers, with my regular brand of sass and real talk.  This first post back is exactly that, some REAL TALK, some of the realest talk I have ever shared with you. Despite feeling like I lost some of my mojo at times during these past few months, my soul missed writing, sharing and talking to you about the things I love, experience and/or learned about.

This blog started as a passion project for me and it still very much is, I just needed to work on getting my voice back J  Here is to  continuing to share the real, the good, the great, the sexy and sometimes, even the scary here, because this is what life brings us and we are all in this together Jxo



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