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We’ve made it to October, which means that we are in the season of crisp air, sweater weather and notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove swirling around; yes, we are in the heart of Fall   October also brings us Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), so I wanted my first October post to focus on breast health, specifically breast massage.

To dive more into this wonderful world of breast health and breast massage, I called upon one of my wellness experts and someone who has become a great friend of mine, Kamila Sikorski. Now as much as I would love to dive into how AMAZING Kamila, her spa and her spa treatments are, I want to keep it to the topic at hand; incorporating beautiful breast massage into your breast health routine.

I was first introduced to breast massage during a trip to Europe in 2009, when I received a massage at a spa in Switzerland. I remember the practitioner not only massaging the “normal spots” that I was used to up until that point BUT also massaging my upper thigh, my full neck/throat area and my breasts. Initially, I remember thinking mid massage “is this normal?”, but decided to continue with the massage and just save my questions for afterwards. Once finished, I explained to the therapist that back home in Canada, I had received many massages before but never had my breasts massaged. We went on to discuss this topic further, where she explained that she was taught that massage should not exclude the breasts, especially since they were key areas my body that would directly influence my lymphatic and hormonal health.

Ever since that discovery and discussion of breast massage, it has become part of my regular self-care and self-love practice. From sitting in restrictive bras all day, to recovering from breast reduction surgery, I have found this practice incredibly restorative and nurturing. 

I have asked Kamila to share her wisdom and wholistic expertise on this essential self-care ritual, so without further ado, let’s dive in!

Meet Kamila – it starts with love

As a Wholistic Aesthetician, I look at the health of skin being a Whole Body concept, rather than just looking at the skin and treating it dermally. There are so many aspects to healthy skin and a healthy body; most importantly and what I notice every day, is the relationship we have to our bodies.

It’s easy to zone in on responsibilities and forget about the vehicle that gets us from one place to another and when we ignore it, many of us look in the mirror and don’t like what we see. We might criticize and judge ourselves, and want to look for a quick fix as far as beautifying goes. In a worst-case scenario, we might end up getting sick because we didn’t take care of bodies. Just like a neglected animal responds to love and care, so do our bodies. I invite you to start small, and find the joy in loving your body for all it does for you. Today, I’d like to share a practice that is so incredibly powerful not only in relation to our health, but also to our psyche, our emotional health, and of course our beauty…It starts with LOVE.

Our beautiful breasts and the lymphatic system

Our heart happens to sit beneath our chests, which brings me to the main event here: our breasts.

Breasts seem to be a dirty little secret and even in regular massage, they are primarily avoided. This is all for good reason as many of us are raised to believe that we must hide them and they are only reserved for the places and people most sacred to us. Breasts and hearts can feel very vulnerable, and it’s a natural instinct to protect these places in us which is why it is important to send some love that way. Breasts can be seen as many things – food to nourish our young, objectified as a source of arousal; but very little are they seen as a way to cleanse our tissues (by means of the lymphatic system), and a way to normalize our endocrine system. Maybe even be a source of our own personal pleasure and love.

I intend to expand your awareness about what it might mean to not only put some focus on this place within, but to also touch this part of your body with love and care. I have incorporated touch by washing my own breasts lovingly, anointing them with a beautiful breast oil after my shower, and sometimes just massaging them because it feels good. Whether your breasts are large, little, lopsided, implants, reconstructed, or going through a transition, this practice is for everyone – even if you’re a man.

We are all familiar with the skeletal, muscular and nervous system but often forgotten is the lymphatic system. The lymphatic vessels are responsible for carrying waste out of our cells and a predominant network is found in our upper bodies from the outer breast into the armpit. Constriction by means of tight/ill-fitting bras, poor posture, living a sedentary life, and shallow breathing can stagnate the job of the lymphatic system. It is a circuit within the body that needs either movement by means of exercise, or physical manipulation to initiate flow of the lymphatic fluid; and balancing the fluid within the body. Circulation of this fluid body is essential to the health of the entire body as it houses our immune system.

Massaging the nipples and areola specifically, stimulates parts of the endocrine system such as the thymus, thyroid, pituitary, pineal, pancreas, adrenal and ovaries/gonads. Enjoying this loving touch allows to normalize these glands, can curb sugar cravings, and even give you more mental clarity. It can also help with fertility, energy levels, sexual satisfaction, and even toning the skin. Outside of this, it is the energetic offering of love that your body receives. Putting aside a small fraction of time for this practice can unwind daily stressors and bring in a moment of solace and chest opening which many of us are in great need of.

Breast Massage – how is it done?

I have seen a few different schools of thought around the direction of the strokes, but I will guide you through what I believe is a good start, and part of the series of strokes I have learned to do in my practice:

  • Start with a select oil; you can either use a carrier oil like jojoba, sesame oil, grapeseed oil, or a blended oil with essential oils added. I love the Living Libations Breast Massage Oil, as it has an oil blend that specifically drives into breast tissue in order to rejuvenate and enhance immune cell activity.
  • Apply the oil to one hand and warm the oil by rubbing the hands together. Send a bit of love to those hands, and place them upon your breast or chest.
  • Hold them there, and imagine a beautiful green light flowing from your hands to the skin beneath them. Shake the breasts either gently or however feels most nourishing to you; it’s an interesting sensation to do this, so play around with it!
  • Begin working your hands around the breast down on the outside and up on the inside; I love to do about 3-4 circles, moving that stroke to just working around the nipple/areola; imagining your endocrine glands light up and glowing. I will see in my mind’s eye, my thymus, adrenals, ovaries etc.  glowing and happy.
  • From there, circle the chest in a figure 8 from one breast to the other and then one shoulder to the other switching hands. Always end holding the breast in your hands and giving a little shake (and a little love, maybe a smile too) to move the tissue beneath the skin.

Try giving yourself a moment of loving care and attention. This may be a new practice or a way of enhancing your daily routine. Either way, my wish for you is to feel more connected to your body, enhancing its overall health and well-being.

To find out more about me, Kamila Sikorski, visit my website luminesceorganicspa.com.


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