If you follow me on social media, you know that I am big fan of natural, organic, non-toxic skincare and love supporting local even more. When I stumbled upon Pura last year, I was more than thrilled as they are the perfect combination of organic skincare and are located right in the heart of Edmonton.

I remember the first item I purchased from Pura, the Sunday Love Perfume Oil. I am super fussy when it comes to perfume but fell in love with this perfume oil immediately. By then I had already done my research on the purity of their skincare line, so that was a big influence but I also have always been a sucker for the smell of warm vanilla (real vanilla, not the artificial, lab created vanilla found in lots of retail cosmetics) and the Sunday Love is the perfect combo of vanilla with citrus notes. As I tell my friends, this perfume is not just Sunday love for me, it is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday lovooove! Lol After falling in love with that product and the samples of the other products in their luxe line, I was pretty much hooked

While perusing their website for more treats, I stumbled upon the Bespoke Perfume section – I was intrigued. As I scrolled through this section, I could feel the excitement bubble up inside. I instantly had a flashback of me rummaging thought my mom’s vanity as a child, sniffing the only three perfumes I ever saw on the glass of her vanity. I remember, spraying each of them into the air, attempting to create a new scent. Memories of getting my first Tinkerbelle perfume also flooded my mind, remembering how special I felt that I had “my own” perfume Perfume had always fascinated my little mind as a child and my love for pure sweet smelling scents continued into my adult years, so this opportunity to create my own fragrance with Pura was an easy decision to make. I submitted my request, made my pre-purchase and anxiously waited for Pura to call to setup my consultation.

The initial consultation with Lane

When I got to the Pura studio, the usual enchanting scents filled the space and I was greeted with the regular hugs from Lane and “mama” (I call her mama but her real name is Cathy, and she is the Director of Operations ). The ladies could see that I could barely control my excitement and I couldn’t wait to jump into the creation process with Lane – eeeeeeeeekkkk!!! Once I was seated in the consultation area, the table was filled with so many perfuming goodies including several little bottles of essential oils set out on a marble slab, a dish full of coffee beans, laboratory beakers, a small wooden bowl full of scent strips and a gorgeous piece of white quartz. I could tell that they put such care and effort into creating such a magical ambiance. 

Lane explained the process that we would go through and then started things off with the question of what my first memory of perfume was. I proceeded to go into the details of going through my mother’s perfumes on the vanity and always being fascinated with perfume from a young age. After about 15 minutes of chatting and Lane note taking, she then started to unscrew the tops off the small bottles of essential oils. For the next hour or so I got to sniff each vile (with coffee sniffing breaks in between;-) and then advise Lane if I liked it and then how much I liked it on a scale from 1-5. I noticed that she was also putting each scent one of three categories on her note card; Base notes, Heart and Top notes on.

After going through the several bottles of essential oils and essences, my note card was completely full! There were so many scents that I loved and now Lane was tasked with creating my signature perfume from this selection of my favourites. She explained that from my list, she would create three different scents for me that I would be ready in a few weeks – YAY!!!!

I absolutely loved everything about my consultation and how personal it was. I never felt rushed or pressured to make any of my decisions quickly, rather, Lane took the time to ask questions and answer any question that I had. The full consultation lasted much longer than I anticipated   As I left my consultation, I was gitty and excited to see what Lane was going to create and was just so grateful for the whole experience up until that point. The countdown was now on for the next phase of my bespoke perfume experience!

In part 2  of this post, I will share the rest of my experience which includes receiving the 3 unique perfume creations to sample, my initial reaction to each and of course, what my final pick was – stay tuned! 

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