Last Friday, I had  the great pleasure of co-hosting a wellness event that featured a 2-part workout component, followed by Sommelier and Chocolatier led Wine & Chocolate tasting – it was INCREDIBLE!

One of the things I loved most about co-hosting this event was collaborating with amazing community leaders to bring a multi faceted event. It was important for me and my partners to offer an evening that tapped into both fitness and culinary, as both are two very big passions of mine. As I have said in the past, wellness and living well is a combination of several different elements, so why not have an event that flows with that same mentality?  More often than not, I will find events that are just fitness focused or just culinary focused but know so many people who enjoy both worlds (me included), so we combined them!

I am so glad that we trusted out gut and hosted this event because it was an absolute blast connecting with amazing people! I want to thank everyone who came out and shared their great energy with us, and of course mega thanks again to my amazing co-host and community partners their support -> Colleen Heidecker, Pure Culinary for the beautiful, handcrafted chocolates and leading an incredible chocolate education/tasting. Alyssa Schmidt and Stephanie Robinson, co-owners of 4 Points Health & Wellness, where we hosted the workout component with me teaching Socacize and Alyssa leading the Moveball. Peter and Leon of Wine Gallery Edmonton , for allowing us to use their beautiful space for the wine and chocolate tasting and also providing us with a great wine education/tasting. Jordan and Jeff of Spinunity, as well as Matt & JP of Modern Gravity for their generous donations for our giveaway!

Below is a snapshot of our evening in photos. I definitely plan on co-hosting more fabulous events like this in Edmonton and beyond, so if you are interested in attending or even collaborating, send me a note via my Contact me section and/or subscribe to my newsletter to always stay in the know 🙂


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