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So, one of my absolute favourite spots in Edmonton is Kolya Naturals which is located inside of Optimum Health Vitamins. I do not even know where to begin when it comes to describing my love for this place – for starters, the staff are all AMAZING, super friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and just overall gems. The energy of the place when you walk in is so positive and welcoming, you never want to leave. The apothecary and new tea sections are absolutely divine and I cannot even begin to tell you about the spa… imagine your most euphoric spa experience x100 and that will give you an idea of what the Kolya spa experience is like. I would honestly go to Kolya every single day but if that were to happen I would have little money left. There is so much about this place that I love that I cannot put it all into one post, so let’s focus on what I do want to highlight today and look out for future posts on this amazing place 🙂

On one of my many visits to Kolya a few weeks back, I noticed that they had funky little setup going on in the apothecary, so naturally I wanted to check it out. When I approached the counter they had a DIY space setup and then I was informed that that month’s DIY was Mojito Body Scrub. I love a DIY project but I have never experienced it in this way, so I was pumped to try this quick little DIY project in store. Further, who doesn’t like the smell of mint + lime and then slather that goodness all over your body – yes and yes!

I was super impressed with how everything was setup and just ready for me to jump in and make my personal batch of body scrub. Although the instructions were clearly listed there for me to reference, the helpful staff member helped out and made sure all my questions were answered. 5 minutes later voila, my Mojito body scrub was complete and sealed in my label mason jar.

Later I found out that they change up their DIY bar every few weeks, so needless to say I will be checking out what the next 5 min project will be. I have never been anywhere where they offer this fun quick little experience you can do while you are shopping and I think it is fabulous. Yet another reason I love Kolya Naturals. Check out the photos of my scrub below and stop by Kolya and have your own little DIY experience 🙂

So you want to make your own DIY body scrub??? Well I have been experimenting with different essential oil blends and making a ton since this little experience and will be sharing my favourite combos very soon! Oh and if you think this is my last post on Kolya, you’re wrong. I absolutely love this place and have so much more goodies to share with you! Stay tuned 🙂


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