So, as I shared in my previous post, the past few months have presented its fair share of challenges for me but now, I am definitely feeling way more like myself and continuing to work on my personal healing journey. One of the main things I was not doing during this challenging time was regularly engaging in the activities and/or routines that made my soul happy. I wasn’t as active as I was used to, my eating habits were all over the place (mainly not eating enough), and I let my very regular self-care practice slide, a lot. I was not in my full groove at all and I felt “off”.  After months of feeling in this rut, I finally decided it was time to turn things around and return to my ultimate sense of wellbeing. I committed to renewing different areas of my life that I had let fall by the wayside. Choice by choice, day by day, I committed to choosing ME and doing what makes me feel at my best.

One of the many areas where I wanted to restore my sense of balance was with food and nutrition. Most who know me, know that I am quite particular when it comes to getting good quality food in my body whether that is cooking for myself or enjoying a great dinner out with friends. Over these past few months of ups/downs/around and round, I have been all over the place in the food department; mostly missing meals and maybe getting one solid meal in a day. You can imagine how amazing this type of eating habit left me feeling… blah at best, but I kept on going a million miles a minute running on an empty tank. I was doing what I vowed I would not do, which was putting everything before my health and wellness. I was choosing to be “too busy” to regularly eat or take a time-out for reasons that are far too lengthy for this post. Essentially, I was punishing myself and living in a state of unworthiness.  Did any of it make sense, absolutely not, but that’s the challenge when you are going through tough times; you feel like a prisoner of your own negative habits and the cycle just continues even though everything in you wants it to stop.

Here’s the thing though, these kind of self-sabotaging habits can only last so long until our bodies  finally say no. I kept on  ignoring the glaring NO’s my body was shouting via symptoms and signs of burnout, and my mental health and physical health suffered. I knew that I needed to stop this state of self-sabotage and reset  on so many levels. My body was craving to be nourished on a physical, emotional and physical level so finally, I surrendered. I said yes to what my soul was calling me to do for months; I pressed pause and committed to resetting in mind and body.

So what did pressing the reset button look like for me? As mentioned, I knew that resetting on a wholistic level would take a combination of many different things plus a lot of self-love and patience. As I explored my nutrition, I knew right away that I needed to get more food into my body on a very regular basis again. I had gone so long on this one-a-dayeating cycle and my adrenals were tapped out. So where did I begin…? Well,  I wanted a nutritional reset to be one of the first things I did, to give my mind and body a good kickstart and foundation for this fresh new reset. Food is wildly powerful and has the ability to heal or harm our mental and physical wellness, so starting with my nutrition was essential for me.

With this in mind, I instantly remembered that months earlier,  I met a fabulous woman who owned a juicery, Hutch and Howl, where they produced quality fresh pressed juices, “shots”, nut mylks and wholesome bowls. As soon as I met this woman (whose name is Teira by the way ;-), tried many samples of the juices and asked her at least 100 questions about their product,  I immediately wanted to dive into one of their reset programs. At that time though, I hesitated because I was still deeply in that rut, so I just put that idea on the back burner with all the other things I was not “allowing” myself to do.

Fast forward a few months later and I finally decided I was tired of being in this serious rut;  it was time to turn things around and return to my ultimate sense of wellbeing. I made a long-term plan and implemented my first short term goal of that overall plan and ordered a Hutch & Howl 3-day reset. 🙂

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Oh.M.GEEEEE! I cannot tell you how amazing this 3-day Reset was, like seriously. I feel like it was made for me, or at least that is what I felt like during the 3 days. For me personally, it was a great way to get back into my flow of consuming nutrient dense foods (yes, they have actual food  that you chew during their reset, it’s not just juice!) and address some GI concerns I was having, by giving my digestive track a break with their juices, plant based bowls and puréed soups.

Over the course of the three days, I did a video diary, documenting how I felt each day as I was working my way through the 3-days, and you can find these all below. I am pretty candid in these videos and they cover a lot of my personal experience. Before we jump into that, here is a snapshot of my key takeaways on this Reset:


  • This was very easy to follow, as you literally have everything you need for the three days, except for water, You need to source your own water 😉 lol
  • I was absolutely blown away by their 3-day Reset e-book, that is literally a powerhouse of incredibly knowledge for you to use before, during and after the reset. Mind. Blown!
  • I absolutely love and truly respect the level of care they put into their product; their juices, bowls, soups, reset programs, all of it. There is a lot of thought put behind every ingredient and how it is absorbed in our bodies and this level of detail, care and good energy is exactly the kind of energy and business I love to support.
  • Personally, I believe their Resets are a great tool that you can use to jump start or restart a new wellness focused lifestyle change.

Ok, now for my 3-day reset video diary – check it out below:

Getting the goods

Reset Guide

Day #1

Day #2

Day #3

So as you can see, I really enjoyed this 3-day Reset. I have actually started to incorporate their juices into my bi-weekly meal plans, especially this time of year when I am on the road a lot more for work and attending multi day conferences. If you are on the fence about trying any variation of a juice cleanse, definitely give this Hutch & Howl reset a try as it is super nourishing and you will not be hungry at all! Your body will love the break and you have the opportunity to truly reset on a wholistic level. This is a great opportunity to experience a reset of mind, body and soul if you allow it 🙂

If you are in the Edmonton and surrounding area and want to give the Hutch & Howl’s 1 or 3 day Reset a try, they have generously extended a 15% discount to my readers – YAY, Resets for everyone!!!  Use promo code FAB15 at checkout to receive 15% off their 1-day or 3-day Reset and then let me know how your Reset goes; I would love to hear what your experience is! Thanks for the reader love Hutch & Howl 🙂


**Please note that this IS NOT a paid or sponsored post. Hutch and Howl did not give me any free product, or money for writing this post about their Reset program. This is something that I sought out and researched then chose to document and share this here on my blog, based on the great experience I had**

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