SEASONS GREETINGS friends! I hope you are all enjoying the last month of 2015 ☺

With December in full swing, it is easy to feel overwhelmed or stressed with the busyness of the holiday season and forget to take care of what matters most – ourselves! Christmas parties at the office, holiday themed dinner parties, festive chocolates, cookies and sweets everywhere you turn, quick grab and go meals at the mall while you “shop till you drop”, a little extra rum in that nog, the Christmas dinner(s)…  Yes, the potential of all of this squeezed into one month can be overwhelming for some but it does not have to be that way my friends.

The Christmas and the holiday season should be about taking a little extra time to celebrate what matters most in your life.  It is also a great time to find opportunities to give to those who may be having a hard time or going through some hardship; that could be something as simple as a phone call or giving of your time and paying them a visit.  Am I saying that we should not be buying presents for our loved ones..? Of course not but why do we always want to buy bigger, better and best? Is that what the season is about? How many of us focus more on how “grand” the gift is rather than how meaningful it is? Why are so many of us consumed with the idea of buying and receive more “things”?

Christmas has always been a special time of year for me because for years we did not have much but we always found a way to make it special. When money was incredibly scarce in our home, I still found great pleasure in the things we could do like string popcorn, make construction paper ornaments, sip on hot chocolate and spend time with friends and family. There were so many years where our “chosen family”, opened up their homes to us and we enjoyed Christmas time with them as well. Sitting around the piano at Oma’s house (my Dutch “grandma”) singing carols, playing Rummikub and eating Speculass cookies Spending the day at my best friend Candace’s family home year after year, taking in all of their festive cheer ( my bestie is the BIGGEST Christmas fan I know), cooking together and enjoying a good ole’ West Indian Christmas ☺ These are just a few of the special events and memories that make Christmas so incredible for me.

Then there were the years that my sister and I did not get one present, seriously. It was not because we were on the naughty list but because “Santa” just could not afford it. You know what, we still had smiles on our faces and enjoyed the season because we were surrounded by love.  For some that may sound corny but ask yourself, if everything were taken from you on Christmas Eve, would you still be able to enjoy the holidays?  I guess that will all depend on what makes the holidays so special for you.

Whatever circumstance you may be faced with, try and take a time out this holiday season and really be grateful for what matters most in your life. Celebrate you, your health, another year, your family, love, opportunity… the list is endless. Try your best to stay present this season and not drown in the hustle and bustle. Continue your routine of self care whether that be your weekly massage, fitness class, yoga, daily meditation, home spa etc. Whatever it might be, keep doing as it as it will keep you grounded and help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

GIVE – yes, to give seems very obvious this time of year but try to think outside the box of how you can give and do it with umph, intention and love.  Allow yourself to enjoy everything this time of year brings, – the smells, the sights, the sounds the tastes, the feelings. It is incredible how different this season can be when we just allow ourselves to sink into it.

Whether, you celebrate Christmas or another spiritual and/or religious activity, many of us will be taking breaks from school and work this time of year and come together with our families. Take advantage of this time to really enjoy this break and savour the season.

I wish you and yours all the best that this season has to offer <3



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