Did you know? Hippocrates, known as the father of modern medicine, maintained 2,500 years ago that “the key to good health rests on having a daily aromatic bath and scented massage’

Hello beautiful people, I hope all of you are having a great day so far 🙂 today I bring you the first of many feature posts on wellness superstars! These are individuals who I feel help add a little bit more wellness to our lives. Today I am featuring wellness superstar Karen Chan of Four Winds Reiki, who I have had the privilege of knowing since I moved to Edmonton.

So, do you ever wonder why realtors recommend that you have cookies baking when you are showing your home to potential buyers? Well, it is because aroma/scent has an immense impact on our brain which by default affects our mood, which affects our decisions 🙂 this beauty that is aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years with prehistoric beginnings in Chinese, Indian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures.

Scent always fascinated me as a child, so I was not surprised that I fell in love with aromatherapy as an adult. When I travel, I always have my starting lineup of essential oils in my carry on luggage, DIY essential oil spray and my Saje nebeulizer. In our cars, there is aromatherapy that changes depending on the trip and in our home, we have two Saje nebulizers (also known as ultrasonic diffusers) going 🙂 Now when I say aromatherapy, I am NOT talking about Fabreeze or any other artificial fragrance for that matter. I am referring to 100% essential oils from around the world that are used in a number of different applications and have a plethora Clearly, I love aromatherapy and I will be discussing it WAAAAY more in future posts but for now, more about Karen.

When I moved to Edmonton, I knew that I was going to have to recreate my wellness “dream team” by seeking out practitioners with the same skill set as those I was working with in Toronto. Most people know that I am quite particular when it comes to anything, so finding practitioners is no exception; I never seek out perfection, I just like to find the perfect fit for my personal needs. So here I was on a mission to find someone who specialized in aromatherapy and with a quick little Google search, up popped Karen’s site. I did my research, read through her page, liked what I saw and the rest is sweet smelling history!

Karen’s aromatherapy and energy work are staples in my life. Whenever I have had a long few weeks of travel, she is one of my first stops as it helps me relax and reset. When you walk into Karen’s business, the energy is super calming and restorative. During treatment, I literally get lost in the custom blend she creates (based on what my needs are that day) and float away into my happy place. Also, over the course of the two years, I have been enlightened on energy work (Reiki) and have a completely different level of awareness. I 100% recommend Karen to anyone in the Edmonton area and beyond and be sure to tell her that I sent you her way.

I asked Karen a few questions so that you can get a deeper understanding of her practice and the benefits of aromatherapy and Energy Work:

What made you pursue aromatherapy and Reiki? I have always been drawn to essential oils, more for the scent initially and I have always been aware of energy in a grand/Universal sense. What accelerated my interest in both of these fields were personal health crises; one for myself and one for my Dad. Because of these experiences (being acute themselves), I became acutely aware of the vast limitations of Western medical practices for disease or chronic issues. What was magnified was the depressing and negative energy surrounding these events and to address that aspect I had to venture outside of the sphere of what everyone else was doing. The results were no less than amazing and led me to seriously exploring these fields.

In your opinion, what are three of the benefits of including both aromatherapy and Reiki as part of a wellness routine?
Number one benefit, in my opinion is Self-Empowerment. Doctors with their diagnoses strip us of that to varying degrees and simply not relying upon them but on oneself and nature is the first step to reclaiming personal power. Personal power starts or amplifies our ability to heal. Bringing these practices of using the gifts of nature and the Universe daily, strengthen our entire being. When we feel better, we tend to make better choices more often and this builds momentum for our well-being.

What are your three favourite scents right now and why? When talking about essential oils there is the obvious aspect of scent and I am all about smell! That said, I choose my three favourite essential oils not necessarily for how they smell (that can vary based on what part of the world they come from) but their healing properties and versatility. All time #1 is Lavender – antiseptic, analgesic, antibacterial, promotes skin health and smells FANTASTIC. My #2 choice would be Clary Sage – many of the same properties as Lavender along with the benefit of mimicking estrogen which is great to address female issues of any age. My #3 choice (this is a soul-based preference) is Rose Absolute – this scent heals at the core and provides us with an ethereal embrace which just can’t be beat!

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of aromatherapy and/or Energy Work and may even try it out for yourself! As always, we are not implying that you go and tear up your medical prescription or “fire” your physician, rather, be open to something that could be an alternative or compliment what you are currently doing. Also, it is super important that you seek the advice from a professional when using aromatherapy. If you have never used pure essential oils before you could have an allergy to certain oils or not be able to apply others topically. For example, I absolutely love lavender but Moma Viv can’t even look at the bottle! Working with professionals who understand essential oils, how to blend them, apply them etc. will make your experience that much better and safer. As I said, I will be digging deeper in the wonderful world of aromatherapy in future posts but would love to hear your thoughts on what some of your favourite scents are and why – let me know! 🙂

Be well my friends 🙂


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