Hey there lovelies! December is here already, which means I am in the heart of full planning mode ☺ 2015 has been amazing, bumps and all, and as much as I plan on FULLY enjoying the rest of this awesome year, I do start to think about the New Year and all of the goals I want to crush!

As I start to plan for 2016, I reflect on all that has been accomplished in 2015 and see how many goals I have been able to check off of my action board. Yes, you heard me correctly, I did not say Vision board, I said Action board.  We have all heard of vision boards and have seen such an increase in their popularity with vision board parties becoming all the rage! Vision boards are definitely a FANTASTIC way to bring some life into your goals with different imagery, inspirational quotes, photos etc. but as my mentors Kim Barnes and Cathy Savage advised, without action our vision or goals are just words on paper.

When I first heard this from them, I really reflected on it for a while. I started to think of times where I had made a massive list of goals in the past that were not necessarily SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time- bound) only to find myself super disappointed when I didn’t achieve even half of the goals on the list. I was creating this big bad list of goals but was not really putting enough thought into these goals and what actions I would take to make it happen.

The words that we use really do have so much power in them, so by making a simple change from naming my Vision Board to my Action Board, I noticed a shift in thinking about my goals. I was creating my list of goals and simultaneously thinking about what I was going to do to achieve these goals and Iexcited about it. I was now asking myself, “what do I want to ACHIEVE and ACT on in the coming year?!” Do you know what else I noticed? My list no longer was 10 feet long! Lol I had a nice concise and attainable list that I then illustrated in my action board.

As I start to put together my list for 2016, I look at my 2015 Action Board with pride. It literally puts a smile on my face each time I see it and the stars beside the goals I have achieved to date – such a fulfilling feeling! Now let’s not forget, sometimes the goals we set out for ourselves may need to be amended due to life events but that is A-OK!  The beauty of any goal list and/or vision board is that you can and should revisit it weekly/monthly/quarterly to make sure you are still on track and if there is in fact a “fork in the road”, find another road! ☺  Think about when you are using a GPS to get you to a destination, if you go off the suggested path, it does not shut down, rather, it shouts re-routing, re-routing! Same thing for you and your goals, if something throws you off your path, regroup, re-route and get back to it.

So are you ready to make a 2016 Action Board with me???? Let’s do it! Now there a few different ways you can create your board, digitally or good ole’ fashion hard copy with glue sticks, Bristol board and whichever other crafty addition you may want to add – I personally like to include lots of glitter 😉 I would suggest really taking the time to make your goals list first – what do want to achieve, what are you going to make happen, what actions will it take to get there, are you ready to make the moves to get you to these goals? This list is about YOU, which yes I know is a no-brainer but so often, we get overwhelmed with outside distractions that we forget to think about ourselves. Also, why stop at one board/list? Create a list for each aspect of your life – family, finances, work, fitness etc.

After you have made your list and checked it twice, it’s time for the fun part – creating that Action Board! Find images and messages that inspire you rather than de-motivate you. If you are like me, add a little extra umph to the board that are guaranteed to make you smile a little wider when you see the board 😉

Once your masterpiece is complete, don’t just put it any ole’ place, put it everywhere!

I have my boards in my bedroom, office and an image of it as a screen savers on my phone and laptop. Want to take it a little step further? Send a coy of your Action Board to someone you trust – a mentor, coach, accountability partner, best friend etc. That may sound a bit scary but it doesn’t have to be! Having an action board exchange with someone you trust is a great way to keep each other accountable, motivated, encouraged and excited about your goals – remember that this is not supposed to be de-motivating or judgemental, this is about putting your vision into action and enjoying the journey along the way.

So get in gear, get excited and start working on your 2016 Action Board, your goals are waiting  ☺


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